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Recent Acquisitions and Projects

East Hill Apartments, Unit A

East Hill Apartments

The restoration of our historic East Hill Apartments is complete!

We quickly rented these units and no longer have any available at this time. 

Citronelle Square

in September, we closed on 42 units in Citronelle, Alabama, formerly Timber Trace Apartments, and now we bring you... Citronelle Square!

We’re totally renovating the entire apartment community! From the parking lot, playground and brand new laundry facility, to revamping the interior units... were truly focused on adding value to Citronelle and it’s hard working residents. 

Investment Opportunities!

What are your investment goals?

Dissatisfied with your weak stock portfolio returns?

Heard you can roll IRA or other Retirement funds into a self-directed account but not sure?

Heard Commericial real estate and affordable housing may be the best investment vehicle for you?

We can certainly help!!

Why Real Estate... Why Multi Family?

Kelly Housing Group acquires and manages multi family properties in emerging markets that produce excellent cash flow during ownership and strong cash distributions at the time of sale. 

How we find the right market?

We locate emerging markets by performing thorough market research, job growth reports, population growth, employment growth, Path of Progress Reports, local economic reports & trends and Chamber of Commerce Reports.

How do we pinpoint the right deal?

We locate value-add and turn-key multi family dwellings in the transitioning and booming markets from our network of Brokers - especially their “Pocket Listings,” motivated landlords, REOs, short sales and foreclosures.

We take a conservative approach.  We only buy in areas where there is a predictable path of progress.  We typically want to be in and out of a market in 5-10 years, depending on where we are in the real estate cycle.  

What is value add?

Value-Add (Momentum Play) Properties, located through our network of Brokers, Sellers & other means present the following opportunities:

  • Motivated Sellers
  • Bad management
  • Low Rents
  • Deferred maintenance
  • Burnt Out Landlords
  • Ratio Utility Bill System (RUBS)
  • Condo-conversion options 

Here’s what we do to ensure a solid acquisition for our Investors:

  • We conduct a full property inspection, including physical and financial due diligence
  • Negotiate contracts and place the right financing on the property
  • We qualify for loans within the entity or get outside sponsors
  • Local Assets Managers and team members oversee the property
  • Issue Financial Reports 
  • Cash Flow Disbursements 
  • Hold periodical web and teleconference meetings
  • Visit Properties on periodical basis

If and when we decide to liquidate asset:

Prepare marketing materials, contact sales brokers, select a buyer, negotiate contracts and close.

Do FINAL Disbursements of Equity GAINS!

Choice of 1031 exchanges to higher valued assets

Why Apartments and Multifamily?

  • Increasing Demand –The economic downturn has put home ownership out of reach for many consumers and rental occupancy will continue to increase.
  • A higher rate of foreclosures and short sales; more people moving to rentals
  • U.S. population growth is expected to exceed 60 million over the next 25 years.
  • New construction development has been down, increasing overall demand for affordable housing.
  • According to Marcus & Millichap Research Services: 

  1. There has been a population increase of 5.5 million in the “Echo Boomer” category (Ages 20-34), significantly increasing renter demand.
  2. Projected demand for new apartments averages 430,000 units per year for the next 10 years.

Tax Advantages with Multifamily:

  • Depreciation Tax Laws allow annual depreciation to be written off as an expense item, resulting in an additional tax shelter.
  • No Capital Gains Tax: Your taxes can be deferred for life if you roll-over your capital gains to another like-kind investment property (also known as 1031 exchange).
  • 15% Tax Liability On Cash Flows: Your spendable cash flow is subject to a 15% tax liability, BUT is covered due to the deductions allowed for operation/ depreciation of the property to each investor.
  • Depreciation is a non-cash deduction. It reduces taxable income from the investment property. 
  • Most investment properties go up in value every year, but on paper their value is going down due to depreciation.

Apartment Buildings and Neighborhoods by class:

  • A: Luxury properties with modern amenities, good location, building <10 years old, white collar tenants. Good buy if you like negative cash flow!
  • B: Tenant mix of white and blue collar workers, ok location, building <20 years old. Good buy for appreciation.
  • C: Tenant mix of blue collar workers and Section 8, building <30 years old. Good buy for cash flow.
  • D: War zone, building >30 years old, may be difficult to collect rents, high crime rate. Good buy if you own an AK-47!

We focus on B and C class value-add and turn key properties!

Let’s collaborate and win!

About Us

Brief Biography

Tim Kelly, the Managing Member has been an active duty member of the United States Navy for 12 years. Now stationed on shore duty, he is fully pursuing his dream of owning and operating apartment buildings and multi family real estate. 

Tim has been investing in real estate since 2011 where he purchased his first single family residence with the intentions of forcing appreciation and flipping for a profit and quickly learned the benefits of long-term buy and hold real estate being much more aligned with his goals. He has acquired a couple plots of land, a four-unit apartment building, a 42 unit apartment complex, a handful in the process of going under contract, and has analyzed hundreds of multi-family properties. While building his portfolio, he has built an incredible network of real estate professionals, and looks forward to acquiring 5,000 apartment, multi family, and mobile home units in the next three years. 

Through his years in the military, Tim has become a certified Command Financial Specialist, educating hundreds of Sailors and Marines on personal finance and creating financial freedom... and now, Tim rapidly found another life passion. 

He is now working on his book: Get Your Financial Foundation Established, Why Don’t Ya!, as well as his web-based financial education curriculum. He also earned a Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management from Ashford University.  

Tim is married to his gorgeous wife, Allyson and they love spending time with their family, being active in the community, giving back, enjoying live music and concerts and traveling the world!

Our history, Our Staff

Launched in 2015, Kelly Housing Group quickly understood how crucial top notch customer service is in the real estate rental and leasing industry. Our goal is to provide immeasurably clean, safe, modern, and affordable housing to our residents. 

A collection of true real estate professionals, Kelly Housing Group has the ability to provide clean, safe, modern, and affordable housing that is unmatched in the industry.  

Our mission

Where clean and safe housing meets modern affordability!

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